The Road to Peace and Bliss

Travel the road of peace and bliss. Be guided in your actions by the fundamental core values of truth, righteousness, love, peace and non-violence. In addition, align your thoughts, words and actions with the attributes of the universe – be creative, kind, loving, beautiful, expanding, abundant, and receptive. Living a value centered life in harmony with the universe will ensure that peace and bliss will prevail in your life. Under no circumstance compromise your core values – to do so is to tarnish your character and integrity.

Always worth and fortune the valuable endowment of life by supporting and growing its latent capacity. Focus on an existence of learning. Quest for the endless truth – talk reality and truth will liberate you. Peruse generally and be liberal and responsive to new musings and thoughts. Build up an enquiring mind – oversee by realities, assess and approve data from numerous perspectives – even a coin has different sides. Your capacity to observe truth from bogus, directly from wrong, and great from abhorrent is a basic instinct.

Undertaking a positive and winning frame of mind, let go of the past, live at the time and anticipate that beneficial things should occur. Try not to harbor negative pointless musings. Try not to take part in negative talk. Be watched with individuals who are negative, untruthful, tricky, controlling and self-serving. Try not to be inveigled by the individuals who are entangled in a snare of duplicity, cynicism and criticism. By being careful, you can without much of a stretch perceive such individuals by watching the misalignment in their considerations, words, and activities. Be savvy and unobtrusively exit from their circle of dangerous impact. Keep organization with legitimate, constructive and certified individuals whom you can trust.

It is fundamental that you fanatically secure your image – your one of a kind picture and a big motivator for you. For instance, Coke, Pepsi, IBM, Mercedes, and Ford are brand names that invoke explicit and particular pictures. Organizations advancing these items put vigorously in keeping up as well as further improving their image. In like manner, it is your obligation and obligation to secure your image. “Tell all men thee by thy works”.

Try not to be characterized by the assessments of others – characterize yourself. You were destined to be an Eagle with boundless potential. Ascend over the stormy mists and experience daylight, opportunity and happiness. Be a courageous globe-trotter throughout everyday life and appreciate all the favors and products of nature. Continue going after more noteworthy statures – never be content with business as usual.

Be segregated from the world but then be a functioning member. It is through separation that you can murder the self image and remove yourself from the servitude that grasps the vast majority of humanity. The sense of self is possessive naturally and sticks like a parasite to material and worldly components for self definition, personality and importance. This anyway is a hallucination and a significant obstruction in your way to self completion and encountering harmony and ecstasy.

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