Responsibility of an Effective Leader

Personal responsibility is a trait of true leadership. A leader sets an example. People follow a leader not necessarily because of what that person says, but what that person does. Accepting 100% responsibility allows you to be in complete control and an effective leader. It gives you complete power over your life and whatever situation you’re in. Ultimately, leadership is about power. Power allows you to influence, persuade and inspire others. To be a leader means you have to have a bit of selflessness about yourself. Sacrifice your feelings, be empathetic to others. This applies to all of us, no matter where you are in your life journey. From those of you who are domestic engineers (stay at home moms) to those in the corporate rat race. Too often those who are in a top position lack understanding of the hardships of those at the bottom. It is your responsibility as a leader to take control. Accept responsibility and learn why your team or family is struggling. In a sense it is the “no man left behind” concept. Bottom line is when your team fails you failed.

You should understand that you won’t go anyplace accusing others. So does this mean you need to accuse yourself? Truly, that is actually what it implies. Accuse yourself, you inquire? Indeed, I know this sounds insane! I have had an individual battle with this in my own life. What I at long last acknowledged is that each time I reprimanded others for my despondency, I was giving those equivalent individuals control over me.

I needed to understand that it wasn’t any other individual’s shortcoming where I was a major part of my life. Each circumstance was in my control. I needed to quit rationalizing. I only needed to settle on the decision to acknowledge obligation regarding it and roll out the improvement. As I found a way to finishing my objectives, accomplishment sought me. With accomplishment came certainty. With certainty comes achievement. I endeavor each day to keep the word TRY out of my jargon. Presently this is an executioner for me! However, I have discovered that platitude TRY is simply one more word to take into consideration a reason to not finish an undertaking. I have discovered that so as to accomplish my objectives and be in finished intensity of myself. I MUST name it and guarantee it. Assume 100% liability for it. There isn’t any space for the word attempt, can’t or even perhaps in my jargon. Saying I will TRY is indicating ZERO COMMITMENT.

I have discovered that I MUST acknowledge obligation regarding my present circumstance, my high school young men’s prosperity, my own connections, my wellbeing and my business. I needed to settle on the choice that I would be liable for EVERYTHING great and terrible in my life. I needed to assume responsibility for MY LIFE. I would never again permit another person to be in charge, I would not be powerless. It was the ideal opportunity for me to assume 100% liability and control my fate. This is the best approach to strengthening just as one of the most significant keys to progress.

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