Finding Peace in Chaotic Times

The external world we experienced is a mirror reflection of our inner state of mind. This is what is meant by the phrase “As within, so without” – a spiritual law taught by an ancient god known as Thoth to the Egyptians and as Hermes to the Greeks.

Accordingly, in our push to discover harmony right now, should initially discover harmony inside ourselves. Truth be told, harmony is, has consistently been and will consistently be our actual substance. Harmony is the perpetual quintessence of who we truly are. It has consistently been there and will never be lost. Our main responsibility is to discover it, remember it and re-guarantee it. Nobody else can do it for us. We should do it without anyone’s help.

Things being what they are, how would we discover harmony amidst this confused world we live in?

First we should perceive that we can’t discover harmony through wars. We can’t discover harmony through demonstrations of fear or pugnacity. We can’t discover harmony through brutal or irate words. We can’t discover harmony as long as we harbor negative considerations.

To discover harmony, we should be happy to relinquish our inclination towards animosity in the entirety of its structures – in activities, in words and in considerations. It is particularly the negative and forceful contemplations that we have to give up since it is our musings that lead to discourse and activities.

In otherworldly lessons, we are trained that our actual substance is harmony or stillness, which is showed as genuine love towards every single living being, as sympathy towards the sufferings and as charitable euphoria towards our own just as others’ prosperity and bounty.

At the end of the day, we can’t discover harmony outside of ourselves. We can just discover harmony by finding the harmony inside us. The harmony inside us is hidden by the entirety of our musings – both positive and negative considerations. For whatever length of time that our mind moves, our tranquility is upset, similar to the still surface of a lake upset by the waves brought about by the breeze or a stone tossed into it.

This is the reason contemplation is so significant. Through reflection, we figure out how to calm the psyche. For fledglings, a calm spot sitting still with eyes shut lessen the outer upgrades besieging the five physical faculties. This permits the brain to concentrate absolutely on itself and its idea substance.

Step by step, we start to understand that our idea substance are only musings. They are not genuine. Or maybe, they are genuine simply because we see them as genuine. It is conceivable to relinquish our sticking to our musings – our convictions, ideas, wants and desires. Also, when we let them go, we really discover a liberating sensation, as though an overwhelming weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We discover harmony. Inside that harmony is satisfaction.

At the point when we become great at going internal and focusing ourselves right now of our own, we start to react suddenly to existence with unlimited love towards every living being, with empathy towards the sufferings and with selfless happiness towards everybody’s prosperity and accomplishments.

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